Tuesday, 24 January 2012

its all about me and you

for this few days , kita dah tak macam dulu . didn't you realize that ? i know its all my fault . im the one who did it  tapi takkan lhaa sampai mcmni sekali awak layan org ? am i still your girlfriend ? i don't think so . awak layan org mcm membe membe awak . awak ingat org takde perasaan ke ? cukup lhaa tiga hari ni awak layan org mcmni . org penat tahu tak . penat sangat . org ni jahat kan awak ? yes i know that even awak tak pernah cakap . im tired of say sorry towards you sayang . please forgive me . im waste a lot of time just to ask for forgiveness from you . i need you always by my side tapi sekarang you're always not here for me . everytime i keep thinking about us , my tears will drop down . please , stop it and give me a happiness my dear . org nak happy mcm org lain juga . org tak nak sedih terus mcmni . memang lhaa salah org tapi susah sangat ke awak nak maafkan org ? besar sangat ke salah org ni sayang ? awak ade tipu org tapi org takde nk buat awak mcmni . awak , nobody perfect okay ? org tak boleh hidup kalau awak layan org mcmni terus tahu tak . i want the old you sayang . the one who always make me happy , never and ever make me sad . lastly , im so sorry sayang . really really sorry . please tell me this night that you love me . for two days you never said that words towards me and its make me more sad when everytime you end your text with bye or daa . hm , swear to god , i do love you mohd izwandy :'(
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