Thursday, 26 January 2012

two days with my babyy boo

yayang ! haha . okay , today i would like to post about yesterday . we had a date together happily after a few days we had argue . yes swear i do miss him a lot . i miss the way he look at me , wuhuu . haha . bby rasa kalau kita tak jumpa yesterday mesti kita mcm hari yang lepas lepas kan sayang ? thanks for yesterday okay sayang ? i had a lot of fun with you hunny . i do . btw , thanks sebab teman bby pegi makan tapi tapi syg tk makan pun sebab kakak dekat counter tu sound trouble sikit , grr . for two days we spent time together and went for a karaoke . i really really appreciate it sayang . thanks okay ? the most important things that i remember is when you and me crying . its so sweet bila dua dua nangis sbb biy takut bby tak percaya dekat biy . you know what / bby tak pernah jumpa lelaki mcmni . bby mcm tk percaya sayang nangis aw sbb kita baru lagi kot . fuhh , now i know that you really love me yang . same goes to me . i love you more than you know sweetheart .
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