Monday, 19 December 2011

sayang :)

              im already forgive him . fuhh , its not so easy for me but i must give him a second chance . i hope he didn't waste this oppurtunity . you know why i give you a second chance my dear ? because i really really in love with you and i want you to know that the truth is i can't leave without you . you were the lover in my life , we both when thought many obstacles together . if i let you go , i will miss the way you treat me and your voice everyday . your voice gives me a special feeling that i can't describe it . hee . biy , in the back of my mind , i know that you can change your attitude . sayang , please appreciate what i've done to you sweetheart . please don't you ever make my tears drop for the seconds times . can you ? i know , i also did many wrong things to you but trust me , i never lied to you . somewhere you're wrong and im also wrong , we were once so strong , our love is strong enough to face all those things together . trust me yang . our love is like a song that we will sing it everyday . dear , the truth is im really really scared if i makes your tears drop , im scared if you hate me , im scared sayang . thats why im take care of your feelings . that is the most important things for me . i hope that you also can do the same thing like i did to you . i want to enjoy this relationship and forget the memories that broke my heart . i also hope that you still holding your promise that u will never lied to me again and never make me dissapointed with you . i wish you can prove it to me sayang . there is no feeling more comforting and consoling than knowing you biy . you're everything to me , its not worth if we're keep fighting . its just wasting time with the stupid things . im here for you , to save our relationship back as usual . i can't live without texting either calling you sayang . you know why ? because i miss you all the time , non stop bebeh . hihi . biy , you're the one who broke my heart , you're the reason my world fell apart , you're the one that make me cry and seriously i can't stand it anymore but deeply in my heart i still loving you and i don't know why . that's the reason that you're the one that i loved until today . i will never let you fall apart from me even a distance . once you make me in love with you , i promise never let you go even a day or a year . whoot whoot , how sweet was me , haha . if you think you gonna make me cry , please be by my side to wipe my tears away . grr , don't let me crying without you because every tears need a shoulders to cry on . i hope this relationship last forever sayang .

                                                                                                           lots of love , syazana 
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