Thursday, 1 December 2011

happy first month anniversary ♥

sweetheart , happy first month anniversary sayang . i thought you forget about this date so i just keep quiet and waiting for your text . for ten minutes there were no text from you . seriously im so sad baby . suddenly my phone ringing and i got a text from you . wahh , you make me smile bebeh . a big big smile . hee . you wish that we can still celebrate our second month together , i hope the same things too baby . then , you said hope i have a better and a great life with you . biy , fyi im always happy besides you sayang . seriously okay . sayang , for 30 days you're putting up with me , it doesn't seem fair . thank you for working so hard and putting up with me my dear . im hoping that the loved you shared to me for a month is still strong until today and can bring us much joy to celebrate our anniversary soon dear . no one would understand our relationship , and no one else would understand me like the way you do . please don't let your loves towards me away sayang . you have made me a better person by loving me for who i am . when I look at you , my dear it doesn't seem like you've aged , to me you're just a perfect guy as the day we became a couple . today , i can remember every sweet moments and i also could remember when i first looked at your eyes . how nice was that day sayang . nothing in this world could ever be as wonderful as the love you've given me . your love makes all my days . you are truly a blessing from God . thank you for being my best boyfriend . swear , i love you hunny . im really hoping that our relationship everlasting forever . i wanna you be the last person that i loved . im really really love you . happy anniversary mohd izwandy ♥
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