Saturday, 12 November 2011

ilofchuuuu :*

whoooaa , this is our second date baby . i will never forget this sweet moments sweetheart . never and ever forget ! yang , yes i do love you okay . thanks for everything :)  thanks for spent a whole day with me sayang . i appreciate it . i loved the way you treat me . so sweet baby . i miss the way you hug me , you hold my hand , you kissed me . aww , heee . i want it again ! can i ? can i ? please biyy , haha . ehem , will you marry me ? haha . im scared of losing you . err . im always pray to god not to seperate us biy , hee . no one can seperate us okay !  swear to god , i can't live without you so don't you ever leave me okay . 


follow follow follow :)

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